Youth Creating Change (YCC) is dedicated to providing support to student led initiatives combatting hate and social injustice. Support will be provided in the forms of grants, mentorship, and trainings.


YCC will connect adults and experienced student organizers to serve as mentors to grant recipients. Students will benefit from the skills and experience of the mentor to improve and further their project.

Student Leadership Trainings

Become more effective leaders and advocates with training from student organizers and experts from Our Voices Matter. YCC will utilize the experience of CUAH members to deliver effective student trainings. Our Voices Matter facilitated summer student advocacy trainings to students throughout Montgomery County. 

Monetary Grants

YCC will provide grants to students to kickstart their projects or expand existing ones. Grants can be provided for low-cost projects as well as large scale projects, costing up to $2,000.

Grant Application and Review Process

Grant applications will include:

  • A 300 word abstract describing the project/club requesting funding and detailing how the funds would be used.

  • An Input/output model

  • An indication of a timeline for how the funds will be used throughout the year and how the initiative is expected to grow

    • There will be quarterly check-ins by YCC members with the grantee (this is not included in the mentorship grant)

  • An over the phone or in-person screening interview to be conducted with a YCC representative at the school or directly with a YCC member


Grants will be selected based on:

  • Emphasis on Student Leadership

  • Relevance to CUAH Mission

  • Modeling on Sustainability and Action

  • Effects on Larger Community

Example of "Input-Output" Form Fields

Example of "Input-Output" Form Fields