CUAH is a Network

CUAH is a network of diverse organization members and individuals working together to facilitate increased support of programs, activities, trainings, ideas, and other initiatives of fellow member organizations that address hate and bigotry.

Mission Statement

Communities United Against Hate - Montgomery County is a nonpartisan organization that unites our diverse community to combat bigotry, support victims of hate, and promote inclusiveness in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Through the efforts of dedicated organizational members and individuals, CUAH:  

  • Supports effective community-wide rapid response to hate incidents, including a strong response via traditional media and social media, as well as vigils, rallies, and protests
  • Organizes regular CUAH public meetings and forums throughout the County that advance CUAH Network programs and create opportunities for CUAH member groups that fight discrimination and hate to recruit/train volunteers, engage in advocacy, organize supporters, host workshops, and educate the public
  • Disseminates quality resource materials, a news feed, and action alerts on hate and bigotry via our online and social media hub (website, blog, FacebookTwitterInstagram), which includes an intake system for reporting hate incidents and directs victims to law enforcement agencies, victim services and community support groups and a calendar of upcoming events organized and led by groups that fight hate and discrimination
  • Pushes for programmatic reforms within the school system to address hate and bigotry
  • Advocates for public policies and programs to address hate/bigotry at the local, state and federal level
  • Increases support for the programs, activities, trainings, ideas, and other initiatives of groups that serve individuals and communities affected by hate and discrimination

What County Leaders are Saying About CUAH

“In record time, CUAH has assembled diverse groups from all over Montgomery County to fight hate crimes and promote inclusion and civility. Combating hate is hard work. CUAH emerged to strengthen the collective impact of Montgomery County organizations committed to doing that hard work. CUAH validates and amplifies the awesome power of diverse groups working in coalition to build bridges across differences.  Hate has no home in Montgomery County.” – Fran Rothstein, VP, Woman’s Democratic Club of Montgomery County

“I am involved in CUAH because it is an important initiative for building tolerance and respect for each other.” – Mimi Hassanein, Muslim Community Leader in Montgomery County

“We Sikhs are so fortunate to be part of CUAH, Communities United against Hate in Montgomery County. Sikhism instructs us to stand up to justice for all, consider everyone equal, to share and be of service to mankind while remembering the creator who created us. To be involved with great people whose values resonate with ours is the best thing that has happened in this time of despair and fear created by our leadership wanting us to make walls not bridges.” – Dr. Harminder Kaur, Co-Founder, Sikh Kid2Kid

“It is critical to speak out against bigotry and to reverse the growing tide of hate crimes. CUAH is encouraging victims to report hate incidents, raising awareness about incidents, educating our schools and government agencies on how to address this problem, advocating for effective preventive measures, and sharing strategies for combating hate and bigotry. Through the power of its collective membership of community groups, civic institutions, and activists, CUAH is broadening the County's ability to counter hate and intolerance.” – Karen Britto, Former Member of the MD House of Delegates and Chair of the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee

“Montgomery County Chapter, National Organization for Women (MCNOW) is honored to join CUAH for the purpose of standing up to bigotry, whether casual or more intentionally aggressive, directed toward any members of our community. MCNOW is a leading chapter in the largest organization of feminist activists in the United States. In addition to seeking equality for women in general, we have constantly grown and evolved in our understanding of ourselves and our struggle, as we fight for the equal rights, power, and representation of women in the full rainbow of our intersectional experiences and identities. MCNOW eagerly joins CUAH to share wisdom gained throughout our long history, learn from the collective experiences of other groups, and come together in promoting equal rights and justice for everyone in our community. We stand united with those who set high standards for civility and insist on human dignity. Harm to any of us is harm to us all.” – Holly Joseph, Co-President, MCNOW

“As a former civil rights lawyer, I used to speak to audiences around the country and urge them to speak out and reclaim their communities against acts of hate. Typically, community responses are short lived.  But CUAH has had a magnetic effect on community leaders who already have been invested in different areas, and are committed to leveraging their networks. Moreover, they have worked diligently to create a comprehensive approach involving law enforcement, schools, government and the media. So, CUAH plans to stay. A ready-made platform, CUAH now is the residents’ to make successful. Join to amplify your voices and reaffirm Montgomery County as the inclusive society that you’ve been proud to call home.” –Aryani Ong, Former Deputy Director, OCA-National, and Author, Responding to Hate Crimes: A Community Action Guide

Honorary Board Members

US Sen. Chris Van Hollen • US Rep. John Sarbanes, District 3 • US Rep. John Delaney, District 6 • US Rep. Jamie Raskin, District 8 • MD Sen. Susan C. Lee, District 16 • MD Sen. Cheryl Kagan, District 17 • MD Sen. Rich Madaleno, District 18 • MD Sen. William C. Smith Jr., District 20 • Howie Denis, Former MD Senator and County Council Member • MD Del. Pamela Queen, District 14 • MD Del. Aruna Miller, District 17 • MD Del. Jeff Waldstreicher, District 18 •  MD Del. Maricé Morales, District 19 • MD Del. Jheanelle Wilkins, District 20 • MD Del. Sheila Hixson, District 20 • MD Del. David Moon, District 20 • Ike Leggett, Montgomery County Executive • Nancy Floreen, County Council Member, At-Large • Marc Elrich, County Council Member, At-Large • George Leventhal, County Council Member, At-Large • Hans Riemer, County Council Member, At-Large • Roger Berliner, County Council President, District 1 • Craig Rice, County Council Member, District 2 • Sidney Katz, County Council Member, District 3 • Nancy Navarro, County Council Member, District 4 • Tom Hucker, County Council Member, District 5 • John McCarthy, State's Attorney For Montgomery County • Jill Ortman-Fouse, Montgomery County Board of Education, Member At Large • Montgomery County Sheriff Darren Popkin